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Who We Are

Torah Day is an Orthodox Jewish day school that welcomes Jewish children from all backgrounds and affiliations. We offer quality General studies and Judaic education shaped by Torah values and in accordance with Jewish law.

Our general studies curriculum meets and exceeds the expectations set by the Province of Ontario in all four core disciplines – Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. We also offer a French program beginning in kindergarten and continuing through grade eight, with a dual-track enriched program available in grades one to four. Our students are taught by qualified and dedicated professionals certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

Our Judaic curriculum prepares students for lifelong learning. We focus on the attitudes and knowledge that lead to academic success, intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. The curriculum includes Hebrew reading, Ivrit, Chumash study using the highly acclaimed Lehavin Ulehaskil program, Prophets, Jewish history and Tefilah (prayer). Gemara/Talmud is also a major emphasis in the upper elementary classes for boys. The curriculum gives students the foundational skills to develop into independent learners. Graduates of our school are well equipped to go on to any high school of their choice, including any Yeshiva high school.

We are housed in our own spacious building, which is located on a quiet, neighborhood street just a few blocks from the College Square Loblaws, the 417 highway and only a 5-minute drive from the Soloway Jewish Community Centre.

Our caring and dedicated staff create a dynamic learning environment involving hands-on activities, field trips, creative projects and special events. In addition to academic studies, we provide students with an enriching school environment, which fosters school spirit and togetherness, helping ensure that our students stay engaged and are excited to come to school each day.

Our goal is to nurture our students’ minds and souls. We foster a love of learning, a strong sense of community, Jewish identity and ethical values, by combining mesorah (tradition) with innovative teaching strategies.


Why choose Torah Day School for my child? 2017-09-10T03:33:52+00:00

Torah Day offers academic excellence in both Judaic and General studies and a vibrant school community, all within the context of Torah-values. In addition to knowledge acquisition and skills development, the most important and unique aspect of our school is the fact that we instill each child with a sense of belonging, a strong Jewish identity, stellar middot (character traits) and a love of learning. At Torah Day your child can experience first-hand the excitement of Torah and mitzvot.

How will my family fit into the school community? 2017-09-10T03:33:46+00:00

While our school is an observant, Torah-based institution, our students (and their families) come from a wide spectrum of the Jewish community with different levels of observance in the home, and different traditions. Therefore, we have an inclusive and welcoming approach based in Ahavat Israel (love of our fellows) where any Jewish family and child will be warmly embraced and will find his or her place within our diverse school community.

How will my child handle a double curriculum? 2017-09-10T03:33:38+00:00

We firmly believe that our double curriculum encourages children to be hard-working, organized and high-achieving. We have enhanced the learning experience, wherever possible, by integrating the Judaic curricula within the General studies subjects and vice versa.

What extra-curricular activities are available? 2017-09-10T03:33:32+00:00

Our students have many opportunities to take part in enriching extra-curricular activities. For example, we run “Winter Clubs” where students choose from a variety of activities from woodworking, hockey, knitting, painting and more. In partnership with our dedicated parent volunteers, we also offer optional after school programming which varies depending on interest and availability (i.e. “Mad Science” program, soccer lessons, etc.). Our school boasts a seasonal ice-rink, which is extremely popular. We also provide opportunities for our students to explore the creative arts at all grades, with the upper boys’ class and the upper girls’ class each mounting an annual play.

What kind of support will my child get if he or she is having difficulties? 2017-09-10T03:33:22+00:00

Our student support program includes a dedicated General studies resource teacher and a dedicated Judaic studies resource teacher, both of whom have specialized training in delivering special education. They work closely with the administration, teaching staff and parents to help individual students to maximize his or her potential. They provide guidance and support to the classroom teacher on strategies to assist the child within the classroom and they work one-on-one with students in the resource room. Torah Day also has a school counsellor who meets regularly with each class, and works closely with individual children, and their parents where specific needs arise.

Will my child learn French? 2017-09-10T03:33:14+00:00

All grades from junior kindergarten through grade eight receive at minimum “core French” which includes grammar, reading, and speaking, with increasing level of fluency as the students progress through the grades. We offer an optional “extended French program” from grades one to four, which means that students would receive their science and social studies lessons in French for an “immersion-like” experience during part of the day.

How is technology used in the school? 2017-09-10T03:33:02+00:00

Torah Day embraces the use of technology for its educational value. Our teachers regularly use Smart Boards, Chrome Books and a separate computer lab. We also enhance the curriculum by offering inline programs such as IXL (math).

How do I register? 2017-09-10T03:32:54+00:00

For information on registration please visit our admissions page. We also strongly encourage you to book a tour or a meeting at the school. If you are considering sending your child to Torah Day you probably have many more questions than what we have covered in these FAQs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to meet you!

Our Talent

Rabbi Zischa Shaps
Rabbi Zischa ShapsExecutive Director
Rabbi Shaps has served as Executive Director for 15 years. Rabbi Shaps was one of the original members of the founding Board of the school.

Rabbi Shaps received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of America-Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in New York and holds a Master degree in Education from Adelphi University. In addition to his role at Torah Day, Rabbi Shaps is also the Director of JET – Jewish Education through Torah and taught for many years at the Ottawa Torah Institute and Ottawa Jewish Community School.

Rabbi Eleazar Durden
Rabbi Eleazar DurdenPrincipal
Rabbi Durden comes most recently from Vancouver, where he held the position of Principal of Judaic studies at Vancouver Hebrew Academy for the last six years. Prior to that position, Rabbi Durden spent time in a few communities including, most notably, 16 years at Akiva Hebrew Day School in Michigan.

Rabbi Durden holds a Master degree in Education, a Bachelor of Sciences in Computing and Information Systems, as well as a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Talmudic Studies. Rabbi Durden also holds two semichas, one from the Chief Rabbinate in Yerushalayim, and another from Yeshivat Hanegev in Netivot.

Mrs. Sharon Holzscherer
Mrs. Sharon HolzschererVP General Studies
Mrs. Holzscherer has over 15 years of experience in the field of education where she has held roles ranging from Early Childhood Educator to Principal. She holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Ottawa and an Honours B.A. from Queen’s University. She successfully established an accredited private school under the Ontario Ministry of Education, with a focus on visual and performing arts and classical literature.

Mrs. Holzscherer is a published author of fiction and non-fiction works, a member of a classical chorus and traditional dance company. Mrs. Holzscherer is fluent in English and French.

Debbie Goldstein
Debbie GoldsteinOffice Manager
Leah Lengler
Leah LenglerKindergarten program
Maria Karadakis
Maria KaradakisKindergarten program
Mushka Agulnik
Mushka AgulnikKindergarten program
Mrs. Natalia Maistrovski
Mrs. Natalia MaistrovskiGrade 1
Rabbi Ari Galandauer
Rabbi Ari GalandauerGrade 1, Grade 6/7 boys
Shoshana Spector
Shoshana SpectorGrade 2
Troy MacLean
Troy MacLeanGrade 2
Sara Wilcock
Sara WilcockGrade 3 & 4
Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Spector
Rabbi Nosson Tzvi SpectorGrade 4 & 5
Rabbi Yosef Zuckerbrod
Rabbi Yosef ZuckerbrodGrade 3
Melissa Cox
Melissa CoxGrade 5, 6/7 girls
Joel Irwin
Joel IrwinGrade 6/7 boys, 7/8 girls
Shaindel Simes
Shaindel SimesGrade 7/8 girls
Shulamis Durden
Shulamis DurdenGrade 5/6 girls, Resource teacher
Rabbi Yair Tanger
Rabbi Yair TangerIvrit
Michale Chein
Michale CheinIvrit
Jodi Basch
Jodi BaschResource teacher
Anne DeClara
Anne DeClaraFrench
Lindsay Hastings
Lindsay HastingsFrench
Chaya-Raizy BurrGrade 5/6 girls, 7/8 girls
K. George AcquahFrench
Sara-Lynne LevineMarketing and Fundraising Coordinator