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School Highlights

In addition to our dual curriculum, we offer a vibrant school life with opportunities for extracurricular activities and various special events throughout the year for Jewish and other civic holidays. Highlights include:

Jewish Holidays: Special activities around Rosh Hashanah include apple picking and a “Shofar Factory” workshop, followed by building a sukkah on the school grounds. Chanukah brings the annual family luncheon where the school community gathers for a delicious meal, games, menorah contest and student performances. This is followed by the Purim student carnival, and for Pesach, students have a chance to knead, roll and bake their very own matzot.

Winter Fun: Under the supervision of teaching staff, students help build an on-site ice rink, which provides a great opportunity to brush up their skating skills during recess and gym. For the annual “Winter Fun Day”, students take a trip to enjoy tobogganing and snow tubing. Each January and February, Winter Clubs offer many extra-curricular activities including: woodworking, painting, knitting, hockey, and baking.

Lag Ba’omer Sports Day: The entire school community spends the day at local community centre for a fun-filled day of competition and excitement. With the older students providing leadership to their teams, the children play a number of sports, which culminates in a much-anticipated game of “Capture the Flag”.

All trips and activities throughout the school year are made possible through the efforts of our wonderful staff and dedicated volunteers.  If you would like to get involved or have suggestions for activities we would love to hear from you!

Parent & Student Manual

Torah Day PTA

A dedicated team of parents work together to volunteer time and raise funds that enables special activities for the children throughout the year. Activities funded by the PTA have included an annual read-a-thon, Yom Ha’atzma’ut celebrations, Lag b’Omer Sports Day, the annual family Chanukah Luncheon and the purchase of new sports equipment for recess and extra-curricular activities. In addition to the fundraising activities the PTA also organizes social events for the parent body and friends to further strengthen the cohesive nature of the parent community.

Girls’ Students Council

The Grade 7-8 girls have an opportunity to acquire planning, organizational and leadership skills through the Girls’ Student Council. They have undertaken several fundraising projects and fun activities, which include a school wide Spirit Day, bake sales, and an annual musical play performed for ladies and girls across the Ottawa Jewish community.

Student Services

The student support program serves students who have special educational, social and emotional needs. General and Judaic studies resource teachers provide a wide variety of services, including the development of personal learning plans with relevant resources and support for classroom teachers to help the child achieve success and excel academically. The school’s Counselor, on-site weekly, provides emotional and social support and strategies for children and families. These services are available to all students for both short- and long-term assistance.


Give your Jewish child a positive and caring environment to learn and excel, regardless of your background and affiliation.

Love of Torah 

Provide your child with the foundational tools and inspiration for a life based on Torah values and mitzvot.


Prepare your child for a successful future in their school of choice.